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Sk01bmothersgenA cool rainy day here is making us feel like winter will be long.  It doesn’t help that we all suffer from the general plague….I mean…er… bad cold, and Mother must exercise the Corporal works of mercy to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty and not to mention the various Spiritual works of Mercy that must be exercised in order to just get dinner on the table!! 

Finally, realizing that I could not wish dinner to suddenly appear I thought…."nothing is more comforting that a huge bowl of fragrant chicken soup"….and so I set out with a definite purpose to serve valiantly….um …yeah!…(gee, I guess that means I can’t whine like my children?)   I must be of good cheer!  That is what I am going to do!!…summoning all my courage and stiffling the urge to curl up into the fetal position in the darkest corner of my room  and all the tissues I could muster, I set out to work! 

Being impatient for the outcome, I used the pressure cooker.  Being the sized family that we are, I had to cook this in stages….and to think I thought this pot was huge when we got it when we were first married…
BTW…(you have to love the way I measure things….)

Comforting Real Life
Chicken Soup:

  • Blindly grab at freshly washed random chicken pieces and plunk them in the cooker.
  • Fill to liquid line with water.
  • Place fresh herbs…(quantity unknown)on chicken…aim for the "looks good" measurement and  avoid overdoing it…use one precious tearing eye for this step.
  • Promise yourself that it is ok to start cooking this without some of the other ingredients now because it takes 25 minutes after it starts rocking to take the pot off the heat.
  • oh yeah…make sure seals and ring are in good shape and praise yourself for remembering to put the rocker in a good findable place after last use.
  • Bribe  Request children to take up residence around table armed with peelers, knives and assorted dangerous kitchen paraphernalia….(dangerous to the blind that is…)
  • Cut up loads of onions and garlic …loads of garlic…at least 2 bulbs to scare out the general ick and any unwanted company…for medicinal purposes, and saute till mush…add a little celery if desired.
  • Wash, slice, and reserve any veggies out of the fridge that are considered usable   fresh
  • after rocker rocks for 25 minutes, cool pot and take out chicken …add mushed onions and garlic, carrots, cabbage and assorted other veggies…return to pot …adding extra water if needed and cook till it rocks for about 2 minutes
  • make cheese tortellini ahead of time and leave in colander when you need to be somewhere else in the house
  • when you return and notice the lighter look of the colander and the stuffed cheeks of several children who are attempting to look busy…take remaining tortellini and add to soup mixture with cooled chicken pieces
  • serve with crusty bread so that you have lots of crumbs to clean up later  to make this a genuine comfort food
  • Appear to look gracious and well composed when approaching the table and do not give in to the GREAT urge to sneeze yourself into the next county….yes!  a FEAST for the afflicted masses!
  • ACHOO!!  God Bless your day!!

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