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LOL…I know…I sound like a salesman again!  But seriously…this is a great deal if you have ever dreamed of setting yourself up to sell Usborne Books…either to yourself for a discount or as a business.

The reason I ask is that Usborne has a great deal for the month of September….For the start-up kit you pay only $25.00 and as an added bonus from me I will give you $25.00 in books (your choice)  It truly is an easy business to get into…look, if I can do it…anyone can!

511406A business start-up kit worth $215.00 total value ($82.70 in great books + $25 in your choice of books + supplies, website, and more!  See complete details here.)

Includes 10 Usborne Books (see list below)*

Includes business supplies
Includes 6 months online store website

Includes 6 months OrderPro (our online ordering system — no paperwork!)

Your shipping is FREE

Books included in the kit:

502202Animal Stencil Book (h)

Big Bug Search (p)

Fox on a Box (p)

Gladiators (h)
Pirates (Beginners, h)

Playtime Baby (board book)

Spooks’ Surprise (p)

That’s Not My Bear (board Book)
513328Things to Make and Do for Christmas (p)

Under the Ground (h)

This kit offer is valid only until September 29, 2006 at 11 a.m. Eastern time.

Please share this bargain with your friends and family!  Our company is looking for the biggest month in their history and they’re giving us incentives and a great kit to do just that!

If you have ANY questions….drop me an e*mail!

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Mary_jesus_and_children_3 I am a little late for the Feast of the Queenship of Mary….computer woes…but we are adding the following to our Marian Notebooks:

I bow before you, Virgin of virgins,
resting-place of the divine Bridegroom,
temple of eternal Wisdom,
sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,
palace of the Blessed Trinity,
Mother full of love and tenderness,
fountain of beauty,
wellspring of wonders,
golden key of God’s kingdom,
you are the admiration of angels,
the joy of the human family.
Who can ever do justice to your glory,
to your Queenship of grace?

Blessed are you, O virgin Mary, for you carried the Creator of the world in your womb.

0531From: Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary~

Morning   I love to pray this Little Office each day….there is so much to ponder and so much motherly comfort Our Lady offers through this special devotion! 

A song to learn:

Bring flowers of the rarest,
bring flowers of the fairest

From garden and woodland and hillside and vale;

Our full hearts are swelling,
our glad voices telling

The praise of the loveliest Rose of the vale.

:0 Mary, we crown you with blossoms today,

Queen of the Angels,
Queen of the May.:

Our voices ascending,
in harmony blending,

0, thus may our hearts turn, dear Mother, to you.

0, thus shall we prove you how truly we love you;

How dark without Mary life’s journey would be. (Ref.)

The flower that honors Our Lady’s Queenship is the Bachelors Button.



""Mary’s Crown" (Centauria
cyannis) reminds students to pray to Mary for her mediation of
the graces prompting them in their contributions to the building of
God’s Kingdom, of which she is Queen.

The gold rose, Flpeacerosethe Marygold,Images and other golden flowers, symbolize
Mary, the "Queen in gilded clothing", who, from the interior of the
Heaven of the Trinity, "comes forth as the morning rising, fair as
the moon, bright as the sun and terrible as an army set in battle
array", with her Divine Child, to minister in love, as our Heavenly
Mother, to us, her spiritual children on earth.

Mary’s Gold

The marigold was called Mary’s Gold by early Christians who placed the flowers around statues of Mary, offering the blossoms in place of coins. It was told that Mary used the blossoms as coins. A legend says that during the Flight into Egypt the Holy Family was accosted by a band of thieves. They took Mary’s purse and when they opened it, marigolds fell out."
..from mgardens.org

The Cornflower or Bachelor’s Button became known as  "Mary’s Crown" because of the flower’s resemblance to a feathery cap. It was elsetimes said to have been Mary’s cushion, upon which she rested her pretty feet.

More on the Marygold

Carlo Crivelli  "The Madonna and Child Enthroned with the Saints" (Marigolds depicted on the throne in the painting)
Also seen in Bernardino Luini’s "Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John"
They are also found in the Unicorn Tapestries of the Late fifteenth century
~above information from "Mary’s Flowers Gardens Legends and Meditations" by Vincenzina Krymow (link in the sidebar)~

Marigold Coloring Page
Rose Coloring Page
Bachelors Button Coloring Page
smaller image Bachelor’s Button
Cornflower Border Paper  (Bachelor’s Button)

French Marigold Border Paper
Rose Corner
small roses

Some random ideas:

We will place our copywork on border paper and decorate with clip art of other Queenship flowers.
Copywork will include "Hail Holy Queen"

Fold a piece of cardstock to look like a purse….copywork about the legend of the marigold on the front and open the flap to reveal clip art of marigolds….include the poem "The Marygold"

Color picture of Our Lady as Queen and decorate border with queenship flowers.

"You are a living paradise
    Of gloriously colored flowers." ~Konrad  Wurzburg

Decorate a Crown for Our Lady with Bachelor’s buttons….or place them at the feet of Our Lady!

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