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Book Party Reminder!!

Please consider buying books from The Book Party….there is only one week left…I will be good to you, I promise!

  I had a great many people tell me…"great site, but you lost out to Amazon".  How is the little guy expected to make it competing against such a big guy?  Let me just say that dealing with Usborne is more than just what meets the eye.  You have a wonderful opportunity with this family friendly company and your money will not go toward unsavory investments.  I know that my site needs to be more user friendly for the discerning homeschooler…I will try to make it very homeschool friendly in the future. I kid you not…we are using many of these books this year.  I have never seen my sons (most especially) so engaged in schoolwork …ever…that is why I thought it would be a good idea to take Usborne books on!  I have soo many ideas about how to incorporate fun activities with many of these books…talk to me and tell me what you are looking  to do this year.  I would love to share our love of learning…I love to share!

I would use  Usborne Books even if no one purchased anything…to sell to myself and give as thoughtful gifts.  The start up kit alone is worth signing up…as a matter of fact one of my newby perks includes half price sign-up kits…I only have one left…If you are interested in this kind of opportunity let me know! 

Being a hostess can be very rewarding too!  Any book order over $250. (during my first 12 weeks) in sales you can earn double free books as a hostess…that would be $80. in free books!!…if I had any extra book money this year I would do it for myself!  E shows couldn’t be easier to do!  You just supply email addresses and we open up a link just for your show….very easy!

Please go to my site and sign up for the free book drawing…you don’t have to purchase anything for this!  Get on my mailing list…and I can keep you advised of these and other great specials.  Don’t forget…Christmas will be here before you know it!!

Also, If you would, please consider linking to my store from your website or blog.  I certainly would appreciate that kind of friendly cyber-hug!   Thank you so much for the blessing of your company today!

God love you all!

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Late Summer Field Day!

Field_day_button_2Get a sweet cuppa tea and get moving because summer is fleeing fast!  It is time to savor what it still has to offer!  And so… go on! Get yourself over to Dawn’s Late Summer Field day and enjoy her hard work!  It is just lovely, Dawn!

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