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Young Edison(10) is very interested in bridge building and architecture  lately.  A dear friend on Magnum Opus sent me this link and ever since I clicked on it to ck it out, Edison has had his nose plastered to the screen observing the unique details  and pondering the possiblities in his brain….meanwhile….my other ds(7), my large motor boy, took it upon himself to empty out a large jar of pennies I have been saving all over the hardwood floor in my bedroom…..and put this link into practice!  Two kids…two different approaches.

They like my bedroom because:
#1…I have cool stuff (or so the dc think…what could possibly be cool is beyond me)
#2  they can hide out in there and be alone behind a closed door away from the toddler
#3  because they aren’t supposed to be in there in the first place…it has a mysterious air about the place…so why not go?

Arg…Time to teach large motor boy the wonderful feeling in your heart that you get AFTER cleaning up your messes.  He is a hard sell, unfortunately….haha

If I can ever get my digital camera to work I am going to post some other bridge images. …got to talk to my tech guy….oh, little brother……;o)

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