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Afternoontea_1Don your best summer hat, follow the meandering garden path and enter the cool shade of Our Lady’s Garden on August 15th for some sweet summery treats and refreshing drinks!

Introducing ….. ….A Garden of Roses and Lilies….Carnival of Yum!  Please submit your best summery snack and beverage recipies to me at tappclan@hotmail.com and join in the fun!! 

Go ahead and be as creative as you please!  Fanciful Finger food?  Delectable Desserts??  Delightful Drinks?  Stories and Poetry are wonderful too!   

I would like to have all entries by Monday, August 14th.  I am so looking forward to your pleasant company …all bloggers and non-bloggers welcome!! 

Please help me spread the word…invite your friends over too!  The more the merrier!! 

Image~Sandra Kuck  Afternoon Tea

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Wiseandfoolishman1_1My sil was at the beach and overheard this conversation:

Father attempting to put Sunscreen on a 5yo wiggly boy….
Son, Hold still!

Father getting even more frustrated…
Oh Son!  WHY can’t  you hold still??!

Son…wiggling with exasperation
I don’t know!! … I JUST don’t know HOW to listen!!!

Photo: The Wise and Foolish Builder ~Danny Hahlbohm

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Cul_6023_map_usaMy dear friend Anne passed this link to me today!  What a great way to study geography!  Just as my dear friend mentioned, my children also seem to mix up the idea of different continents being made up of countries.  They often get upset that maps will divide the US  into states and wonder why other "continents’ states" aren’t Cul_6017_south_uslabeled…..mmm…time for more exploration, me thinks!  Check out the interactive maps and find out how much YOU know ;o)!

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