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Rondicianniamotherslove_1 Today I embarked on a new prayerful adventure.  I went from SAH mom to WAH mom.  I so much want to remain home with my precious dear children but in the last few years the bills…medical and this money pit of a house….have put more strain on us than we could manage.   I found a unique opportunity that would allow me to do what I love most…love and snuggle my children at all hours of the day and night, help others and talk about BOOKS…LOL ! 

I am here to be of service.  If I get the chance to sell a few books in the process, I will be happy.  I never want my friends and family to think I am a salesman.  I am a mommy…first and foremost and forever.  The books can sell themselves and I’ll help anyone who needs my services.  I can set up E-Shows that would allow persons to get free books from internet sales where most of the work is done FOR them.  Anyone can go to the site and set up a wishlist and then refer friends and relatives there for books …think of it…gifts that you actually WANT in your home embraced by your bookshelves.   

BabysfirstbooktombrowningI never want to go outside my home away from my children.  I want to be here and work while they rest. And Please know…I don’t want to EVER push a book on ANYONE EVER!!  But If I like something…I will share it with you.  I chose Usborne Books because it was the only thing that my 7yo ds wanted to do for school last year…and we tried EVERYTHING.  I followed his interests and he learned so much.  He taught me so much more that I thought I would learn from him.  It actually made me cry to see this happen for this ds that I worried so much about. 

So I thought….If this works for me, maybe someone else out there could use this too!  So, here I am if you need me….a friend…not really a salesman at heart, more of a helper…I hope I don’t get in your way!  Please say a prayer for my new endeavor….and I will pray for you too…I always do, dear friends!

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