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(The Dream Keepers by Kathryn Fincher)

God Bless America! ~(Information about America’s unofficial national anthem)

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,

Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free,

Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,

As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer:

God Bless America.

Land that I love

Stand beside her, and guide her

Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies ,

To the oceans, white with foam

God bless America

My home sweet home.

God Bless America,

Land that I love

Stand beside her,

And guide her,

Through the night
With the light from above,

From the mountains,

To the prairies,

To the ocean,

White with foam,

God bless America,

My home sweet home.

God bless America,

My home sweet home.
~Irving Berlin

Godblessamericaposterby_g_harvveyWhat we are up to this week…Discovering more about America and July 4th!

Print out this page and listen to :
The Pledge of Allegiance as recited by Red Skelton….don’t miss this one!!

Happy Birthday America!!

The Declaration of Independence, a rough draft of the declaration, The Declaration (picture) 

America’s Freedom Documents
Information about the Constitution for Kids, and for older kids
Flags in History (use this info to make 3 Part cards!)
Parts of a Flag, More Flag Printouts

Flag Border Paper  (Have the kids write out the pledge for their notebooks!)

U.S journal pages, 4th of July Activity Book, Great Seal of the U S, July 4th Activities and Crafts

FlagcakeWhat we are EATING: Flag Cake!

What we are watching!  1776

What we are reading!:

Jean Fritz Books:
SSSH We’re Writing the Constitution
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?
Why Don’t You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?

Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags: The Story of the Fourth of July Symbols

The American Flag (True Books, American Symbols)
A is for America(True Books, American Symbols)
America : A Patriotic Primer
Pledge Of Allegiance

The Children’s Book of America

American Patriotic Songs Picture Books:
This Land is your Land
My Country Tis of Thee
Purple Mountain Majesties
America The Beautiful

Artist Study:
God_shed_his_grace_on_thee_terry_redlinrTerry Redlin
(The America the Beautiful Series)
(Dh and I looove this artist!!)

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Do you like building contraptions?  If so, my ds wants me to share with you his favorite pc building game.  The Incredible Machine  Even More Contraptions Contraptionsis a great way to put your problem solving skills to the test and solve puzzles using all sorts of tools like levers, pulleys, cheese and more! 

Do you remember the old Rube Goldberg puzzles or the old Mousetrap Game? Mousetrap_1 Well, this is just the pc version!  ( A free demo download is available on the net, but I can’t seem to locate a link.)  We have had the demo version for a few years. 

My young Mr. Edison(10) loves this game.   I managed to finish the demo…but not with a lot of patient coaching from my ds…we have all enjoyed this one.  One feature of the game has a way for you to make your own contraptions and write your own directions for them.  The full version has an added feature so that you can create and share your original contraptions with others.   

Young Mr. Edison has a few more recommendations for you…so stay tuned! ;o)

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Science Fun!

My ds (10) is a born inventor.  He started at the ripe old age of three ~stringing up contraptions all over the house with found items…like his elder twin sisters’ stockings, cardboard tubes, drinking straws, rubber bands, and packing tape…just to name a few…the list goes on and on and on!!

His new favorite site to visit and imitate is Steve Spangler Science.  They have a great science "toy" catalog that he loves to pick from for birthdays and Christmas.  If you go to his site, you can click on videos that demonstrate so many cool science concepts. …OOOH! Don’t doubt!  They aren’t just scientific concepts though, it is FUN!  Click on See the Videos and you will have everyone surrounding you at the computer!  And!  Here is Steve’s Blog.

If you head over to the Bruggietales site you will see some similar experiments with soda and mentos.  Thank you, David for the videos!

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