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20greatreasonsClick on this image to read this cartoon by Jim Erskine from Living books for the ears.  He has given permission for this image to be copied and distributed.

What are Living Books for the Ears?  This is from his site:

"Do you want your kids to develop a "taste" for great literature?
Do you want to make history come "alive" for your kids?

Do you want to bring some truly wholesome entertainment into your home
that the whole family can enjoy?

Then look no further….

Our weekly "Living Books for the Ears" newsletter brings you  outstanding "old time radio" adaptations of  great books and historic stories absolutely free. These fully dramatized half hour audio programs are a terrific way to introduce your kids to these classic tales. But everyone, young OR old, will enjoy listening to these excellent, wholesome radio adaptations (in great sound quality).

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Tomsawyerbythefence_2We have signed up for this wonderful link for quite a few years and we have oodles of MP3 files ready to play on our computer.  This week it is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer!  Our dear children love this Tuesday treat!   Nothing like a little ADVENTURE for a summery afternoon!  Often times there are great little "extras"…links for more background information about the show of the week.   

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