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Olsen__precious_in_his_sight_1I don’t know what it is exactly, but there is something so precious about the way the little children look at the world.  Their eyes are so wide-eyed in wonder and are a constant source of heartwarming amusement to those that love them!  Once any of my children start to achieve THEIR own mastery of our language, there are bound to be a few mis-interpretations.

I was listening a bit harder to my 3yo ds talk and realized that he thought the doorknob was a doorknock.  An older child asked his father one day if he was going to take the car to expection….(yes, and we expected it to fail…lol)  My sil’s water dispenser is a fish tank…(we are still looking for the fish…haven’t spotted them yet…)The snowplows come around when it snows to salt and pepper the road and my twin dds wanted a piggy bank to put their nickles and diamonds in!  But my favorite story was this one…and it was a LOT funnier when my sil told it to us, but …you will get the idea!

Once upon a time …right before Christmas, my dh and I had to go shopping for gifts for the children. We left them at my brother and sil’s apt that windy night while we hurried around tying up loose ends. While we were gone, my ds then 5yrs old, got curious about a long snake like thing that was in front of the sliding glass door…The conversation, went something like this…

Aunt Melinda? What is that for?
It is for the drafts Joe.

Oh? You have drafts?
Yes…and they are pretty strong and we have to keep them out by using that thing there.

Joe…his eyes getting bigger…well…HOW do they get in??

They get in under the door…but that thing keeps them out..we get a lot of drafts here…you can really feel them in the closet…
You can FEEL the DRAFTS in the closet?
Yep! Here, come in here with me and I will show you…
Joe…peering into the closet would not go until Aunt Melinda said…It is OK Joe…come on in…Joe shruggs his shoulders and goes in.

Then Aunt Melinda CLOSED THE DOOR>>>

Can’t you feel the drafts in here Joe?

Aaaaunt Mmmmelinda??

Yes Joe?

I can’t SEE the drafts….
Of course you can’t Joe, they are invisible!….
INVISIBLE??!! Then how do you know that they are in here?
Well Joe, you can just feel them…can’t you feel them?
Aunt Melinda, how do you know it is safe in here?

Safe? Joe, it is just a closet…of course it is safe.
So is that why the drafts come?…to be safe? How come the drafts come into this place anyway?
Do they get hungry?

Aunt Melinda laughs for like an hour and we came back to her still chuckling over this incident, because you see…Joe THOUGHT she was saying GIRAFFES!

He still thinks giants live under the ground and cracks and holes appear on the Earth’s surface from when they try to poke their heads out to take a look around…

Heart_printThese children may leave fingerprints on every immaginable surface wherever they go, and those we need to see past…. to see the fingerprints they leave on our hearts!

(Picture by Greg Olson Precious in His Sight)

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