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I love being a "sneaky mom"!  I just tested the kid’s knowledge of the Catechism without a formal test…we had a Scavenger Hunt today!!

The overall theme was all to honor Our Lady in the garden and give God praise!  We started and ended our hunt with the statue of Our Lady of Grace in our backyard. 
The first clue started with one of the little ones’ favorite songs to honor Our Lady which was draped at Her feet:

Roses_frise3"Hail Mary, Mother of God, Lady in Blue I love you!
Hail Mary, Mother of God, Mary is my mother too!"

What does a mother do?
A mother takes good care of you!
She will teach you all you ought to know,
And will direct you to THE WAY to go!

Across the very humid yard ran a pack of giddy children from clue to clue that challenged them to recall the Baltimore Catechism.  I used some of the lines from 24 Catholic songs for Children from Our Lady of Victory to make the clues.  (The music is a catchy way to memorize the catechism and the children love the songs.)

We ended with:

Stay close to Her and all will be well.
Hear Her say, "Come to me and learn to be wise,
if you call on me I will answer."
And with Her always is our greatest prize!"

Under a rock by the side of the statue of Mary was this note…

Garlofros"Make a garden for me here that is full of love from your heart.  Prayerfully tend the flowers and think about meā€¦and I will think about you! 

Offer me your flowers as a prayer!  They will remind you of the virtues with which I wish to share to fill YOUR heart!!
I love when you visit me, and offer me your gifts of love and prayer!  Stay close to me and have no fear!  I will always point the way to THE WAY of Divine Love, My SON!

I love you!"

The site of this garden needs some work!  And now that work is ready to begin! (finally!! :o)
The children and I are putting our heads together for it’s design.  The children are going to use Poetry Stones Deluxe Poetry_stones_picto help them personalize their Mary garden and  label the plants we intend to place here.  We also hope to use this kit to make stepping stones for the different mysteries of the rosary…embellishing each with symbols of each mystery!  Looks like we will be sporting the look of cement this summer! There are a few hints on the cement here as well as some ideas for garden design.

The great thing is that we are working together and personalizing the yard and at the same time creating a Garden that Prays!

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