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We love books!  We will often record our adventures through our studies by Notebooking and Lapbooking our way through….it is a way for us to not just take notes, but also make a memorable keepsake that we continually learn from and from which we often re-tell our adventures to others!  Most of which we keep in our 3 ring binders in page protectors, which not only protect our finished pages, but keep the incomplete work together!  It is a continual work in progress.  Here is an article about binderizing

This can be adapted for children of all ages.  Even the younger ones can get in on this!  At its simplest, it can even be the child coloring or drawing a page about something they studied…like a bible story….and having the child narrate the story back to you and recording that narration on the back of the picture.  If you want something more eye-catching, you can record your information on little fold out booklets that you design to hold your data…I will explain more about this later!

Just peruse these Notebooking and Lapbooking sites and come up with many great ideas and journal pages!! 
Here is another good one for ideas! Highland Heritage
and this too….Heart of Wisdom
an this is a good one about how to divide the data!! and don’t miss this sheet!

I came across many wonderful resources for these kind of projects…one of which is this site…  It SHOWS you on line, HOW to make books with children.  You can actually sew and cover your own book!  This makes a wonderful project where the kids really "own" their work!  We want to try the same project using wallpaper scraps instead of the shelf paper.  We are awaiting our "contact" from the local wallpaper store to pass on extras to us. 

There are many additions you can add to your notebooks too!  You can read more about that here:  The Notebooking Corner

My Favorite books about lapbooking/notebooking:

The Big Bookof Books and Activities

The Big Book of Projects

The Ultimate Lapbook Handbook

More info on different subjects contained in our lapbook/notebook projects and most especially our virtues project  later!!

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