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A Garden that Prays

Oooh!  SPRING is in the air!  The windows are open…a special joy is abound and the month isGardenglorygn May…Mary’s month! The air is so very perfumed and it does my heart a world of good!!  All the fragrant blooms are symbols of life!  How good it all is!!  How right it is to re-dedicate this life back to it’s creator through Mary the ultimate garden of virtue! 

("Garden Glory"

by Cheryll Arnold)

I have every hope to plant a Mary Garden this year.  In many ways, even the reading and meditation of some of the beautiful flowers dedicated to Our Lady is as delicious as smelling and seeing their sweet blooms!  I want my garden to pray!

I came across this prayer today:

A Mary Garden Prayer

" Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

As our hearts are raised to you in love and thanksgiving through the
light, grace, fragrance and symbolism of these pure, blest,
transfigured flowers of Our Lady  –  your direct creations, showing
forth and sharing with us your divine goodness, beauty and truth  –
we commune with you in awe and rapture and pray that we and all our
brothers and sisters may be opened to the fullness of the divine
love of God and Neighbor, through which we are to transform the
fallen world into the culminating earthly Peaceable Kingdom and
Paradise, that all may be lifted up resplendent in the eternal New
Heaven and New Earth of our Crucified and Risen Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ.

(see /www.mgardens.org)


Prayer Plant ~ The folding together of the leaves of this plant in
"prayer" each night reminds us that the plants of the Mary Garden
are themselves a prayer.

As Rev. James J. Galvin, C.SS.R. writes
in "My Garden Prays," Perpetual Help, February 1952:


"Gardens should pray! Gardens should remind children of their Mother. Gardens should be holy places that keep minds fresh and unsullied as Madonna lilies.  Gardens should chime with names that ring like the Litany of Loreto.  And gardens, if they are truly Mary Gardens, will naturally lead to Christ."


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