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Rose and Lily      

"Early legends tell that when Mary’s tomb was opened, it was empty. Mary was no longer there, but she left behind a harvest of roses and lilies. Roses and lilies became Mary’s flowers. The two flowers highlight Mary’s relation to God.  She is open and receptive to the word of God; she is pure and transparent to his presence (lily). But she is also fiercely loving and passionate in her attachment to God (rose). The lily was associated with the Annunciation, the Feast of Mary’s receptiveness, and lilies are often depicted in scenes of Gabriel’s visit to Mary. She is also the rose in which the divine word became flesh (Dante), enclosing heaven and earth in her loving womb. The rose symbolism has many facets and many legends. Roses sprang up as gifts for the Infant in the manger, and they blossomed where the Holy Family rested on the flight to Egypt. Considered the most perfect of flowers, the rose becomes the symbol of the Queen of Heaven. Mary is the mystical rose because of her ardent love of God. Mary is depicted sitting in a rose garden to signify that she is enclosed by the love of God. White roses symbolize Mary’s joys, red and yellow ones her sorrows and glories."

I love the symbolism of flowers dedicated to Our Lady!  I came across this site today.  We are  hoping to plant our own Mary Garden this spring.  There are so many wonderful flowers and herbs to choose from!  What a wonderful way to begin a month dedicated to Our Lady!

"The cloistered, enclosed garden, sometimes called a Paradise Garden, came to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary. We can honor Mary by planting her flowers in a garden dedicated to her. Gardens dedicated to Mary and containing flowers named after her are called Mary Gardens."

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